My ass is worn out from my day helping Erik with his little ones. I witnessed my first Riley meltdown after she fell and bumped her head against a wooden stool. Dad was busy with the little one and left me to handle the Riley situation, and after a few minutes of hearing her cry as loud as I’ve ever heard her cry before, was able to calm her down and feel better. It just took a little positive assurance she would be okay and reading three little books about toy story, the Disney princesses and Dora the explorer did she finally overcome the meltdown.

Between the Kings winning and moving on to the second round and my day of fun with Riley my ass is beat and ready for some good sleep tonight!

PS: with the Kings win tonight that also assures another week or so of the ridiculous mess on my face that would normally be called facial hair. The amount you see is the total of not shaving for 13 days. Sad, I know…

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